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  1. Blackjack Odds with Card Counting - Card counting is a very powerful tool in improving our blackjack odds of winning. We need to understand the basic principle behind card counting to affect our blackjack odds favorably. With good card counting, our blackjack odds of winning will increase dramatically.
  2. Blackjack Rules and Variations - Blackjack rules for the player and dealer give the house an advantage. Learn about a player's choices and dealer moves, and what blackjack rule variations to avoid.
  3. Counting Every Card You Can Count - It is not recommended watching with too obvious intent; never do anything to advertise unnecessarily that you are counting the cards. But it is not difficult to glance casually toward the dealer's hands at about the time he is ready to burn the card.
  4. Different Blackjack Terms for Beginners - There are a lot of terms in Blackjack that a player must learn like Card Counting,Burn Card,Cold Deck and a whole lot more. By learning these terms, a player will be more aware on the terms that are used in the game and can effectively decide on each situation.
  5. Easy Blackjack Counting - Card counting is a hard technique but if one wants something easier, check this simplified card counting. There is also a tip to be that card counter pro.
  6. Evaluating the Relevant Points in Blackjack - There are a lot of things that you should consider in blackjack. Some of these things are when is the right opportunity to double, the odds for each hand, how to use the basic strategy and others.
  7. History of Blackjack and Card Counting - Can you win in blackjack? Experts Thorp, Uston, the MIT Blackjack Team and others prove that blackjack can be won with strategy, card counting and computer devices.
  8. Is a Blackjack Systems Useful or Not? - Blackjack Systems may be useful in some circumstances but a lot of systems nowadays are not that useful to players. Players realize that the blackjack system that they have bought was a complete waste of money after they have used it. Before buying any kind of system online, player must first research about it by reading books by renowned blackjack players.
  9. Looking at Your Blackjack Options - Playing Blackjack is both enjoyable and interesting . This game has many playing options one may choose from. In this kind of game, a player must use the options discussed carefully and wisely.
  10. The Use of Doubling Down - The article describes the use of the doubling down in blackjack. It emphasizes how the doubling down can decrease the house edge.
  11. Things to Know About Blackjack - Aside from being a popular game, blackjack is also known by the term 21. Players try to get as close as possible to the total of 21 without busting. Players must always develop and enhance their skill in the game so that they can do well in every game.
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